Projects and partners

Are you looking for a project partner?

Are you still trying to decide what topic you are going to work on?

Feel free to post your thoughts/questions/ideas here.



  1. I’m interested in the complex analysis part of things. Let me know if anyone is interested in that.

    • rafael11112013

      Hello tdpeebles33 my name is Rafael Montoya and I’m also interested in complex analysis (although I don’t know that much). Let me know If you are interested in being my partner.

  2. briansdumb

    What does it mean to work on open problems? What are the expectations?

  3. Hey all. I’m interested in the projects involving the permutohedron and/or the associahedron. Let me know if you’re into probability as well. =)

  4. hi! hola! i’m most interested in #15: a poset from pattern avoidance. i’d like to work with someone in colombia, preferably one who is available to skype friday, saturday, or sunday. please contact me if you have similar interests.

  5. asber21

    I’m interested in “Robots and CAT(0) cube complexes”.

    • Hello! I am quite interested in this topic as well. If you’re still interested in collaborating please contact me.
      (PD: Si no estoy mal… hablo con Alejandro Salcedo?)

  6. Federico:
    Juan S. Osuna and me have been working on the relation between \textbf{Polyhedra and Polynomial Systems} with a particular Game Theory problem in mind: \textbf{Finding all Nash Equilibria of a Finite Game using Polynomial Algebra} (See

    This fascinating topic lead us to \textbf{Enumerative Real Algebraic Geometry} (see and also (The second one is quite difficult to understand).

    \textbf{What should we do?}
    \textbf{What would you recommend to work with?}

  7. gregalr18

    Is anyone interested in Ramsey numbers?

  8. lovelyludwigvan

    who needs a partner?

  9. hello. is anyone interested in the happy ending problem?

  10. Hi, does anybody still need a partner. I’m open to work on anything.

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